With Daena Giardella

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Experience the thrill of spontaneous creativity when faced with the unexpected!

"Improvisation is the art of navigating the unexpected with flexibility, gusto, and creativity. Practicing the skills of improvisation helps us express ourselves freely, take risks, and increase our collaborative abilities. It liberates our imagination and sense of humor. The goal is to become more comfortable in our own skin as we show up to meet the offers in each moment with authenticity and spontaneity."
~Daena Giardella

Daena has pioneered a popular, innovative, and movement based approach for teaching improvisational acting to people from all walks of life. Her insightful coaching, mastered over 25 years of practice, helps students become versatile improvisers and actors. Classes include participants from all levels of experience. Beginners welcome!
"Daena Giardella is brilliant. I found her work to be extremely resonant, relevant, moving and funny. She gets to the essence of what is important. I wholeheartedly recommend her performances and classes to everyone."
-Natalie Goldberg, Author "Writing Down the Bones" & "Wild Mind"
This weekly series provides participants with an exciting ongoing training. Participants have the opportunity to investigate and develop the skills of acting improvisation in a laboratory where the regularity of meetings offers people a cumulative learning experience of practice and growth as an improviser. The ongoing nature of the meetings also helps create a fun and supportive group environment that enhances the trust level as each individual experiments with his/her "growing edge."
(c) 2006 Daena Giardella