Daena Giardella Workshops


With Daena Giardella

Next Improvisation Acting Lab Workshops - Fall, 2011

One-on One Coaching with Daena

Every time you interact with someone, you become an improvisational actor.

Join us for a weekly series or one-day improvisational acting lab!

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With Daena Giardella

Next Series starts soon!

Do you have some creative skeletons in your closet?? Some unfinished creative projects tucked away out of sight?

Is there a monologue, story, screenplay, presentation, painting, dance, non-fiction piece, stand-up comedy act, poem or novel inside of you that needs support, insights, and inspiration to get out??

"YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS" is a laboratory workshop for each participant to cultivate a deeper, more active relationship to her/his particular stages of creativity, while working on specific projects or goals from week-to-week in class.

Join us for the next Your Creative Process Workshop!

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Wren Ross Workshops

Demo Preparation and the Business of Voice Over Workshop *

*or.. Everything you wanted to know about voice over but were afraid to ask!

One Day Spring "Booth Camp"

Wednesday,August 3 2011
10:30am - 4:00pm
@ Burclan Recording Studio, Watertown

This is a practical and comprehensive one-day seminar designed to help you take the steps to make your dreams of doing voice-over a reality. We will discuss making and updating demos, marketing strategies, auditions, unions, as well as work with techniques to help you find a more genuine and spontaneous read. You will also have the opportunity to meet a distinguished panel of producers and directors. All levels of experience are welcome.

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